When enveloping roots cease cavernous bygones, and find marrow upon which to indulge.

When depressions weathered by gravitas steps hinder your stride but lightly

When cumbersome embrace and melancholy weight are all but mulch 

And the earth encompasses my still-set frame solemnly daily and nightly

Will you still remember me?

Artwork by Tiina Menzel


I flew so high I choked on the stars 

I drank the milky way just to get down the star dust 

I kick started the heavens 

And cranked the throttle of the sky until it roared with my dreams 

I surfed on the memory of the gods 

And made amends with an anomaly 

I screamed Hallelujah to the rotation of the sun with the wraiths of the phantom night

And the moon shown its face to smile upon me

 I used venus as a disco ball with the solar system as a dance floor.

but I fell.

Through the cereal bowl of supernovas and a silence that carries dreams.

Back to earth where we cry oil.

And the moon’s face fades.

Where the fossils color the sky red

And lost memories drown the gaze I once had towards the stars.

Where I once more reach

And the stars wait for my return.


Empty are the halls that held unlimited perspectives

Empty is the top five for which I was never selected

Empty are the blogs that collected dreams

Empty are the jackets tearing at the seams

Full are the masks

But empty are the disguises

This is our last year

But not for surprises

Goodbye lone peak

Hello future


The mortal experience

Beauty is unknown

And the unknown is beautiful

Cause when a heart breaks it splits into 3 pieces not 2

And when trees cast shade they follow the sun

Maybe the earth is a poet and it writes about us

And maybe time is a song and we’re at the chorus.

Mortality’s morality is only reality, and that’s what we live with.

In bloom

Ever in bloom

 but never in tune 

With the others.

Ever bloom 

Forever doomed 

When they assume

 I’m a weed.

Never room

To fully bloom

When the world is gloom

And the end is soon.

Ever bloom 

Through winter’s gloom

And summer’s tune 

Though silence looms

In lonely ruins 

Forever bloom

ever blooms

Until the end.